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Updated context

WiseWriter is capable of generating articles based on content already ranked on Google and YouTube.

Structured articles

Articles generated by WiseWriter contain an optimized structure that uses various elements such as lists, headers, bold text, etc., to improve readability.

Include images and videos

You can choose to include images (with or without copyright) as well as YouTube videos related to the topics of your article.

Content editing

You can manually edit your content with our article editor before importing it with a single click to your CMS.

How Does It Work?

Publish your articles in just 5 simple steps

1. Create a new site

Create a new site and choose if you want to connect it to your favorite CMS.

2. Fill in the for your articles

Fill out the form with your article data, the only requirement is to enter a keyword for each article.

3. Select your generation options

Select your generation options for articles (Content based on Google or Youtube Tops, images, videos, language...)

4. Preview your content

Preview how your content looks and make any necessary edits with our editor.

5. Export directly to your CMS

Export your generated article directly to your CMS with just a few clicks.

Index your articles on Google quickly and automatically

With our indexing module, you can index your site's URLs easily in a few clicks. Create content at scale and index it automatically.

WiseWriter indexing module

Your content, your rules. Choose the plan that suits you best.

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  • Unlimited Site Connections
  • Generate Articles with Context
  • Keyword Research
  • Automatic Interlinking
  • Auto Indexing
  • Includes Titles, Metas, and Categories
  • Cannibalized Content Analysis and Curation
  • Your Own API Keys

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One Time Payment
  • Unlimited Site Connections
  • Generate Articles with Context
  • Keyword Research
  • Automatic Interlinking
  • Auto Indexing
  • Includes Titles, Metas, and Categories
  • Cannibalized Content Analysis and Curation
  • You don't need API keys

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • You can connect your Wordpress blog to our platform easily. You only need to enter the url of your website and allow the platform access to your wordpress.
  • Yes, it's completely safe. We have encryption and security systems that ensure that both your Wordpress application passwords and your APIs are stored optimally and out of reach of malicious attacks.
  • No, the platform is designed to be intuitive and easy to use, without requiring advanced technical knowledge.
  • Within our platform, you can view all the posts on your blog and select the one you want to optimize. We allow you to generate new content for that article using AI and various sources of information (SERPs, Youtube, etc.), offering different parameters that you can configure to generate content to your liking.
  • AI can rewrite content by focusing on the article's keyword, conducting a prior search for the keyword on Google SERPs or Youtube to provide context, and if you provide a valid Search Console API key, it can also include keywords for which the article is already ranking, creating new and original content.
  • The platform allows you to generate SEO-optimized titles and meta descriptions for your existing articles through AI, taking into account SEO best practices.
  • Yes, the platform allows you to generate new content for your blog, allowing you to write articles on the keywords you want, and it also enables a prior search on Google SERPs or Youtube to provide context to the AI.
  • Yes, to use the AI functions, you will need a valid OpenAI API. Additionally, for other functionalities, such as SERPs search, you will need a valid API from SerpDev or ValueSerp, and for accessing Search Console data, a valid API from this tool.
  • Currently, the platform is completely free and can be used without limitations for the first 7 days after registration. We want you to be able to try our features and decide if they meet your needs.
  • All the changes you make in the platform, both in previously published content and new content, can be imported directly to your Wordpress without leaving our platform, making it easy and efficient to update your content.
  • Yes, the platform allows content curation. You can generate content snippets based on already positioned keywords, view how many times each keyword appears in your current content, and manage keyword cannibalizations, and then insert these optimized snippets into your existing content.
  • AI, when generating new content, takes into account the main keyword, the context provided by SERPs or Youtube searches, and if provided, the information from Search Console. This ensures that the generated content is relevant and original, in line with the keywords and themes already positioned on your blog.